Monday, September 22, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football 2008 - WEEK 3

Maybe Ronnie Brown has fully recovered from his knee surgery? Just wondering...

I just enjoyed that the Dolphins put 38 points on the Pats considering that they killed so many teams last year without mercy. Teams don't fear the Pats without Brady. Look for alot more teams to give NE "the business".

The unusual formations had NE completely confused. Ronnie Brown under center? Chad and Ricky split out wide? WTF!? That may not work again, but they got the victory they wanted.

Randy Moss owners, time to worry. Cassel is not going to get the ball to him on deep passes.

I turn to the Steelers/Eagles game and I see Kevin Kolb in there. Where is Donovan?!?! He comes back in after Kolb has a couple of plays but now I make sure I have a decent backup QB. This was my fear about taking McNabb - injury prone. Same with Westbrook, who left with a ankle sprain and never came back. Bad news for the Eagles - and me!

I may have prematurely called the demise of Carson Palmer with the decent preformance he had, but one thing is still constant - the bad Bengals defense. Nice to see Chris Perry show up and not fumble. I had him on the bench though. Can't trust this offense yet...

What a turn around for Jason Campbell. 2 TDs yesterday and 2 weeks of excellent performances after looking completely lost Week 1 against the Giants.

Besides Westbrook and McNabb, the notable injury I heard of was Jon Kitna. Left the game with a sprained knee. Lions have a Week 4 bye, but I have no idea who the backup QB is. I have big hopes for Calvin Johnson AKA MEGATRON. He and Roy Williams had nothing going yesterday. Rudi Johnson did have a pretty good game, but I'm sure not many people started him. We'll see what comes out of their bye week.

Trent Edwards had another nice performance. He spreads it around so you can't key in on one Bills' WR for waiver wire claim. Bills DEF/ST doing well also. Bills are 3-0.

I don't believe in Larry Johnson yet even after 100+ yards because I don't believe in his QB. Herm, why is Damon Huard on the bench still? Meantine Thigpen is killing Dwayne Bowe and Tony Gonzalez owners.

I'll be watching the Jets @ Chargers closely tonight. How effectively will LT2 play? What will Darren Sproles do? Will Brett Favre be unleashed? Will Thomas Jones get back on track? I have TJones in two leagues so I need some points. Brett, you need to handoff early and often!