Monday, September 15, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football 2008 - WEEK 2

Javon Walker: You played in the game but had no catches???

LaDainian Tomlinson: You are no longer first pick, first round draft material. LT I hope you prove me wrong because we are only two weeks in. But if Darren Sproles is on your waiver wire, get him immediately. I was looking at the replay of his touchdown and I thought they sped up the replay. It was real speed and he looked like he was much faster than anyone else on the field.

Brandon Marshall: A beast. 18 catches, 166 yds, 1 TD. Could be the number #1 fantasy football receiver by year's end.

Tom Brady: Losing Tom Brady is not the end of the world for your fantasy team. If you're depending on one player to carry you to the championship, you've lost already. If your league's Tom Brady owner has given up hope, see what you can get for his/her prime players.

Jason Campbell: I don't know what happened to him this past week, but whatever it is, keep doing it. Haven't seen the game yet but the numbers show he was much sharper than last week's dismal showing.

Kurt Warner: Still got it when he's healthy and has protection. Arizona's DEF/ST still middle of pack, which means lots of shootouts and high scoring games. Great for Warner, Fitz and Boldin.

Players Looking Like Shells Of Their Former Selves
Larry Johnson
Marvin Harrison
David Garrard

Players to Look For on the Waiver Wire
Fred Jackson, BUF
Darren Sproles, SD
Michael Bush, OAK