Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Killer of Fantasy Football Dreams - The Bye Week

In one league I had Thomas Jones and my opponent had Brett Favre and Vincent Jackson.

I was leading by 16.

When I saw Favre got picked twice I thought I had a shot. When TJones I fumbled, I knew I was in trouble.

Favre had 3TDs, 2 INTs. Vincent Jax had 70+ yds receiving. I lost by 10.

Making me 2-1 in one league and 3-0 in the other.

This coming weekend begins the NFL byes. You must work the waiver wire tonight if you have the following teams:

Detroit,Indianapolis,Miami,N.Y. Giants,Seattle,New England

Some inexperienced owners get hosed during the bye weeks because they pick up all their running backs with Week 6 byes and then don't have any replacements.

If you've properly drafted you have at most one stud player out per week and/or have a suitable replacement ready and able to go off the bench.

If you don't, I'll have some options for you next post...


Uzo Ometu said...

Thanks for the comment, Brian! You were right. I should have played Steve Slaton last week.

Uzo Ometu

Uzo Ometu said...

By the way, you can hit me up at holla(at)thesportswatchers.com anytime!


LestersLegends.com said...

One school of thought is to load up on one bye week, take your lumps that week, and be stacked every other week.