Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football 2008 - Week 7

TO Alert Level - Remains at Elevated

Willis McGahee - alot of people had you on the bench this week. 105yds and a TD could have helped many in their games. But you've been so inconsistent no one can trust you.

Steven Jackson - welcome to the world! Watching reports of a quad injury during this week, but this is the performance fantasy football owners were looking for.

Kyle Orton looks to be for real. Like the way he is managing the game and throwing downfield. But if you had either the Bears or Vikings DEF/ST yesterday, you might have gotten no points for the yardage and points given up. If you score INTs, defensive touchdowns and sacks you may have come out with positive points. Look for information on the Devin Hester injury.

Peyton Manning what happened? You and Marvin and Reggie looked great last week and then throw up a dud. And then to have two passes picked and returned for touchdowns. Could have been an abberation. But the Colts are now officially fighting for their playoff lives.

I'm not worried about Drew Brees and the Saints offense. Jeremy Shockey is saying the Saints may have rushed him back too soon. Well, did we expect but an injury or injuries this year from Shockey?

Love the Titans DEF/ST, hate their offense. You would think Kerry Collins would have been better than Vince Young but they are about the same. Collins' stat line yesterday was 11-18 for 123. Game manager to the extreme.

I'll keep saying it until something happens: When is Darren Sproles going to get more touches. Only 2 yesterday while LT2 ran 14 times for 41 yards. Chargers need s spark and Sproles could be the guy but like I said before: They don't want to hurt LT2's feelings.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football 2008 - WEEK 6

TO Alert Level - Now At Elevated, up from Guarded

TO didn't have any statement to make after the game yesterday, but did you see the outfit? He had on over sized sunglasses, a dress shirt with a black bow tie and a bright yellow sweater. Wait a minute, words don't do it justice, here it is courtesy of FanIQ

Tony Romo OUT for the next 4 weeks with a broken finger. Brad Johnson steps in. Bad news for TO. Not because Johnson can't throw, but because they'll try to get the run game more involved. Marion Barber owners, your ears should perk up.

Thomas Jones thank you sir for showing up. That is what all us fantasy players expected, though not all in one game. 2TD rushing and 1TD receiving. If you can give 75 yds and a TD a game we'll be extremely happy.

Nice game by the rookie Matt Ryan for ATL in an exciting win. Joe Flacco, not so much. Not that you should have been starting either one of them anyway. Same with JaMarcus Russell.

The Colts offense FINALLY showed up. Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne all looked good. Joseph Addai is now part of my "NEVER DRAFT EVER AGAIN" list. I said earlier this year that he always seemed dinged or coming out of games. He came out in the game and did not return, but Tony Dungy says he's OK and should be available for the next game. Joe is fragile is the only conclusion.

Matt Cassel looked all out of sorts against the Chargers. Randy Moss, left out in the cold. Wes Welker is still valuable in a PPR league with lots of targets and catches, but not getting alot of yardage. Was last week's great game by Cassel an anomaly? We shall see...

Warrick Dunn's 122 yards was made by Earnest Graham putting aside his ego and blocking for Dunn when all the other fullbacks got injured. So watch the injury reports this week and see if Storer and Askew will play. If they don't, Graham might have another bad stats game.

Phillip Rivers had another nice game with 3TD passes. He's going to carry this team the rest of the season as LT2's toe does not seem to be getting any better. I think there is going to be a matter of time before people ask why Darren Sproles is not getting more touches. They don't want to hurt LT's feelings...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fantasy Football Waiver Wire Work, Week 6

First an apology to Terrell Owens: Seems that the reason he was crying and seemed upset after the game this past weekend was that he had a death in family. My condolences and my apologizes for thinking you were being a jerk because he only had two catches.

TO Alert Level - Now At Guarded, down from High

RB Correll Buckhalter, PHI
RB Lorenzo Booker, PHI
Brian Westbrook has two fractured ribs. Ouch! I don't care if you're wearing a flak jacket. Every defensive back will be making a special effort to reach out and touch Westbrook on his ribs for the coming weeks.

TE LJ Smith, PHI
People forgot about LJ because he was injured early in the season, but he's a big threat when he's healthy. McNabb has to throw it around.

WR Mike Walker, JAC
Seems to be the go to guy in Jacksonville. Someone had to step up since no one else was. Also watch Matt Jones. His drug possession case was knocked down because he agreed to drug counseling. So no shot of him missing time. He's been playing well too.

WR Donnie Avery, STL
Someone else besides Torry Holt and Steven Jackson has to make plays for the Rams to break out of their funk. This is a stretch with the Rams playing the way they are. Take a chance if you have bench space.

WR Bernard Berrian, MIN
Emerging guy for the Vikings. Nice game last week. Gus Frerotte is not your ideal QB but he's throwing when they put eight in the box against Adrian Peterson.