Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Analysis of a Fantasy Football Draft - Part II

This is a 12 team, PPR. I had the 12th pick. Listed in order of pick.

Terrell Owens

Reggie Wayne

My first two picks will either be a stroke of genius and validate getting away from RBs or show that the running back is still king of fantasy football. The running backs still available at this point that were viable options were Larry Johnson, Ryan Grant and Willis McGahee.

Drew Brees

Drew killed me last year in one league when he got off to a bad start. Still finished with over 4000 yds, but that didn't help me as I started off the season 1-3.

Thomas Jones

They must respect Favre's arm now right? Right??

Fred Taylor

I'm pinning alot of hopes on a 32 year old running back. Maybe the 5th round was too early to take him, but wasn't much else of there. Fred, try to stay out of police custody in the meantime, OK?

Calvin Johnson

I think I got great value for MEGATRON in the 6th round.

Chris Perry

Now that Rudi is gone Perry will get carries. He just has to stay healthy.

Ricky Williams

Ricky has looked good in the preseason. Parcells and company would not have signed him to a contract extension if he wasn't doing something right.

David Patten

Marques Colston is usually dinged up in this high powered offense. Take the second best option.

Darren Sproles

LT is getting older and Sproles is the sparkplug that could get carries along with Jacob Hester.

Steelers D

I'm going to reconsider that, considering the Steelers have the hardest schedule based on last year's win-loss percentages.

Matt Schaub

Could be a fine pick in round 12 only if he and Andre Johnson stay healthy. Big if.

Josh Brown

Kicker. Nuff said.

LJ Smith

McNabb throwing to him. Can't be all that bad for the last pick.