Saturday, September 6, 2008

Fantasy Football - Productivity Drain?? NOT!

I've seen so many articles on Fantasy Football destroying corporations and ruining lives. OK, I exaggerate but these articles make it seem like the "hours" lost will transform into some major money lost.

Just a sample...

When Fantasy Football Gets In the Way of Work - MSNBC

Fantasy football in the office: morale boost or foul play?

Dear Boss: Let Us Play Fantasy Sports - Boston Herald

My philosophy has always been if the work gets done it's not going to hurt. How much productivity is drained by

  • smoking breaks
  • talking on the phone for personal reasons
  • lounging by the water cooler

I think it is unreasonable for these analysts to think that workers are 100% efficient. And any efficiency could be made up by the camaraderie built between coworkers. Here's the chance for the lowly underling to talk to the CEO. Make work fun and interesting and people will work harder. Cause and effect.