Saturday, August 30, 2008

Analysis of a Fantasy Football Draft

This is a 12 team, standard scoring league. I had the 5th pick. Listed in order of pick.

Steven Jackson
No way I could pass up SJax after he signed his contract. No need to be disgruntled this year.

Larry Fitzgerald
Consistent top 10 WR since coming into the league. Risk on his QB now that Kurt Warner has been named starter. Warner is an injury waiting to happen.

Plaxico Burress
I'm hoping Plax can stay healthy. The Giants are a run team, but when Eli throws, he's their best option.

Thomas Jones
A little less risky this year with defenses having to respect Brett Favre. He has to do better than the 1 rushing and 1 receiving TD he had last year.

Dwayne Bowe
The best of the rest of the WR pool. Shaky QB situation but he had the same circumstances last year and put up nice numbers.

Donovan McNabb
I talked about McNabb in an earlier post as being an injury risk. Don't hurt me this year Donovan!

Fred Taylor
Another injury risk but Maurice Jones Drew had a ankle sprain in preseason. C'mon Fragile Fred hold it together this year. NEWS FLASH from Fantasy Football Mastermind - Fred Taylor was arrested for disorderly conduct! WTF is wrong with you Fred?????

Justin Fargas
The Raydaz will have to run and Darren McFadden looks to be a superior talent, I'll take his backup just in case.

Chris Perry
This could be the steal of the draft as Rudi Johnson was cut today by the Bengals. Perry has his own injury issues and could be timesharing with Kenny Watson.

James Hardy
Probably took him too early but a flyer on an up and coming offense. Good size but has had some injuries in the offseason.

Steve Slaton
Another potential steal as Chris Brown was placed on IR. Slaton only has Ahman Green, who is a walking medical report, and Chris Taylor in front of him. I like his chances.

Jon Kitna
With Roy Williams and Calvin Johnson aka MEGATRON to throw to, he should have a decent year. Need to cut the picks and up the TDs.

Eagles DEF/ST
Blitzing crew with Asante Samuel now for some INTs.

Mercades Lewis
The hot flyer TE of the moment. We'll see.

Jason Elam
Kicker in a dome in ATL.