Tuesday, August 19, 2008

My Top 6 Questions for Fantasy Football This Year

One of the joys of fantasy football is that there are are so many combinations of lineups you can create. Your pick in Round 1 will determine what the next person picks and someone else does in Round 5. I like the possibilities that one choice can make you legendary in your league, or make you the laughing stock of the league.

#1 - Can Tom Brady Repeat?

50 TDs is a hard number to match, most people would be ecstatic if he hit 35-40. More concerning are the injuries he seems to be piling up. Late last year it was the ankle, now he seems to have another ding on his leg. If they were successful last year I don't see why wouldn't continue throwing the ball. Which means this year I'm not touching any NE RB. Which one do you take? They have 5 now.

#2 - Will WRs Overtake RBs as the most valuable commodity in drafts?

Two reasons for this question - the prevelance of PPR leagues and RBBC. I talked about this in an earlier post and I'm trying to think of a team that has one primary back that will get the bulk of carries. Off the top of my head

San Diego
NY Jets
Kansas City
Dallas - we'll see about Felix Jones
St. Louis - If he ever gets to camp

So that's 25% of 32 teams. Which means that when you take a flyer on a RB in the later rounds, you hoping for (I hate to say this) injury, suspension or poor play so your guy can get a chance.

I've got to see if I can find the number and percentage of touches for RBs on a team. What would be a good percentage? 60%? 70%?

#3 - Is Michael "The Burner" Turner for real?

ATL didn't bring over Turner to be the backup to Jerrious Norwood. He's going to be the man for the Falcons, and with M Vick playing prison yard football and iffy QB play, they are going to lean on the running game.

#4 - What's up with the Cincinnati offense?

Carson Palmer seems to be OK. TJ is OK. Rudi Johnson, not sure. Chris Perry might be running hard enough to take Rudi's job. Chad Johnson had a dislocated shoulder this past weekend, so we are not sure about him. The Bengals are even talking about resigning Chris Henry because they can't get any decent #3 WR play.

#5 - What's up with the Arizona offense?

I hated when Whisenhunt decided to take Leinart out and put in Kurt Warner for certain situations last year. I didn't have either one of them on any of my teams, but what kind of managing is that? Why even bother put him in to start? I would pissed off if I was was Leinart. If I'm the QB I should the QB the entire game unless bad play or injury take me out. And Edgerrin James has hit the magic 30 years, which means his production should fall. He was serviceable last year but not great.

#6 - Can Mad Mike Martz work his magic in San Fran?

JT O'Sullivan??? But he looks to be the 49ers starting QB. I liked Sean Hill coming into the year over Alex Smith, but with Martz's new offense , JT has the edge because he was with Martz before and knows the system. The real question is how does this effect Frank Gore? Does he become the new Marshall Faulk? Can Frank Gore stay healthy the entire season? I do like Bryant Johnson and Isaac Bruce in later rounds. Johnson never got a chance to shine behind Fitz and Boldin in Arizona.