Monday, October 6, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football 2008 - WEEK 5

Larry Johnson
averaged 100 yards per game the last two weeks. Only problem is: He had 198 last week and 2 yds yesterday. 2!!! TWO!!! How pathetic is that?? Damon Huard looked ill-prepared for the game and it's killing Dwayne Bowe owners like me.

Hey Matt Cassel my apologies. I said you could not get Randy Moss the deep ball. You did yesterday in a nice win for the Patriots.

Sage Rosenfels cost his team the game with his fumbles with time running out. But if Schaub was too sick to play, why was he on the sidelines in full uniform? If you were using Schaub as a bye week fill-in, thought he was playing and then found out he wasn't, you got screwed.

The Colts are still not right. They are a couple of plays from 0-4 as opposed to 2-2. Eli is the bettter Manning QB right now, playing on the better team. At least the turnovers gave Reggie Wayne a chance to score the TD at the end of the game. The transfer of #1 receiver is complete. Marvin Harrison's age and injuries have made him the 2nd or 3rd option. But if you have him, you've got the play him.

Speaking of not right you can't tell me something is not right with LaDainian at this point. The Chargers lose again and his stat line is
12-35 rushing
5-22 receiving
I don't think you have any choice but to play him. You'll never get the value you want for him at this point, unless your trade partner is looking at LT2's reputation and not his current stats.

35 year old Isaac Bruce is still pulling down catches in Mad Mike Martz' system. Everyone thought Bryant Johnson would be the man, but Bruce knows this system and JT O'Sullivan trusts him.

Clinton Portis is fantasy RB stud for the year. He's been injury free the last few years and has played up to the potential he had when he left the Broncos. Jason Campbell has been very solid, but not spectacular in fantasy football terms. No turnovers and 4 straight wins.

I am very concerned about Calvin Johnson AKA MEGATRON and Roy Williams. WR talent can't overcome bad QB play and a bad O-line.

Santana Moss! Calling Santana Moss! Where are you? 0 catches. No stat line yesterday. Not even an end around...

Steve Slaton, you are the man. Third straight week of excellent fantasy football stats. 93 yards rushing and 2 TDs. Thanks for showing up too Andre Johnson. Hopefully you can stay off the injury list for an extended period time to put up the numbers you're capable of.

I'm officially on TO watch now. Did you see his press conference? His team won, but he only got two balls for 67 yds and a TD. He made a rambling statement about God and reality and didn't take any questions. He seemed like he was holding himself back because the Cowboys won and he really had no basis for complaining. And then during the game Jerry Jones comes to the sideline to talk to TO. For a guy whose team is 4-1, he sure looks disgusted...

Remember last post I said Cedric Benson was a player I would never draft again after screwing me last year. Benson has come back to haunt me again, signing with the Bengals to take away carries from Chris Perry, who I have in two leagues. Perry is not doing himself any favors, fumbling again yesterday and has a total of 5 for the year. I'm getting reeaaallly close to dumping Perry....

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Uzo Ometu said...

Hey, I'll have you know that I had Clinton Portis, Steve Slaton, and Isaac Bruce all on my squad yesterday. So your analysis of Week 5 reads like my opponnents list of complaints...

Uzo Ometu