Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fantasy Football Players You Love to Hate

Who have you determined you will NEVER draft in any of your leagues.

I mean EVER...

Maybe you can't even define what it is you don't like about that player.

Maybe you hate their

-personalities on and/or off the field
-injury risk
-the way they look at the camera when giving an interview
-the way their drug arrest/suspension/dogging it killed your team
-the way they breathe

It could be anything. The reasoning could be completely irrational. They could be the best player available but you could not live with your team for 4 months if you had to draft him.

Here's my list:

Jeremy Shockey
Big mouth, oft injured Shockey will never see one of my teams. He swears he is a team player but doesn't come on the sidelines during the Super Bowl and whines about not being involved in the offense. His Giants' teammates say they are not better without him, but we all know they were saying that to save face. They won 11 road games on the way to winning the Super Bowl and started this year 3-0. Oh yeah and now he's injured in New Orleans. Expected. The true meaning of addition by subtraction.

Randy Moss
Moss has never had significant history of injury, but I always felt one good hit and he will snap in half. Dogging it in Oakland did not help your cause either. If Matt Cassel doesn't get you the ball, how long before you explode? The countdown begins...

Deuce McAllister
By all accounts a great guy and teammate. But those knees...I was tempted to pick you up this week after your 73 yards and TD but I thought better of it. Can't risk it.

Cedric Benson
I took a huge gamble on Benson last year and he absolutely screwed me. Ended up in 11th place out of 12 teams. Half assed running with Chicago and his run-ins with the law make him persona non grata on any of my teams. Only fitting that he signed with the Bungles this week.

Steve Smith
A mighty mite with a temper. Nothing worse than that. Maybe a "teammate" that will sucker punch you at practice is worse. Smith puts up great numbers, but there is something about this cat that I just can't draft him. I have a personal bias against smallish receivers. I know they put up numbers, but that's my thing. Get that counseling brah!

Dishonorable Mention
Terrell Owens has always been a fantasy favorite for me and I have him on a team right now. But man TO shut the @#$! up!! Please. If you think the media is going to "misinterpret" what you say then don't say anything at all. Cause it sounded to me like you wanted the ball more than the 1/3 of the offensive plays you were involved in or targeted with last week. You even got a couple of handoffs from the backfield. If you don't want to be perceived as a selfish ingrate, don't say things that can be perceived as such. We all still remember you yapping behind Donovan on the sidelines in Philly and then getting suspended. How about the situps in the driveway? The "almost" suicide reports? Ridiculous.

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Breeze81 said...

I agree with your Shockey pick. I thought with Brees he would put up big numbers, but down he goes agian.