Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football 2008 - WEEK 4

Larry Johnson, maybe you're not washed up after all. Fantasy beast this weekend. Damon Huard made all the difference in this game. Herm, what took you so long to figure this out?


So I think Brett Favre digested more of the playbook this past weekend. 6TDs. The Jets DEF/ST didn't come out of the locker room after halftime however. Chad who, Laveranues Coles?

Make sure you have backup plans for Carson Palmer. His elbow issue may linger and he has not sounded too confident on returning this week.

Michael Turner, what is your deal with road games? Fantastic at home, muy mal on the road so far. Oh wait, you played KC and Detriot at home. That explains it.

Miles Austin? I may start believing last week wasn't a fluke.

Terrell Owens, you were targeted in a third of Dallas' offensive plays and you're still complaining. You're a first ballot Hall of Famer but you still haven't learned your lesson from Philly. STFU and play!

I believe in you Jason Campbell. Nice turnaround from your deer in the headlights play Week1. Hey Santana Moss, try not to get get injured!

Welcome back Steven Jackson! Now with Linehan gone, who's going to be your QB next week. I would suspect it's back to Marc Bulger. Jim Haslett needs to do something with that Rams DEF/ST. It just plain stinks!

If you own any Packer WR hope that Aaron Rodgers can play this weekend. You've got two true rookies behind him. Watch that situation this week closely.

Kurt Warner threw for over 450 yards. He also had 3 INTs and 3 fumbles. Kurt time to take off those gloves!

Waiver Wire Potential

Deuce McAllister, NO
Wow! A Deuce sighting! 73 yards and a TD. I'm still wary of his injury history.

Steve Breaston and Jerheme Urban, AZ
I know...I know...Jerheme who???? I would seriously doubt Anquan Boldin is going to play this weekend. Monitor that situation but look for Breaston or Urban on your waiver wire. Urban might have only gotten into the game bacause the Cards were down by 35 and they started using 4 WR sets.

Melwelde Moore, PIT
After Ray Lewis put a crazy pop on Mendenhall, he's out for the season. Moore is the last RB standing for the Steelers until Willie Parker comes back. UPDATE - PIT signed Najeh Davenport today. Davenport might start or split carries with Moore. Davenport has also been in the Steeler system for a long time before being cut.

Miles Austin, DAL
Tony Romo throws the ball all over despite what TO says. Worth a flier.

Lance Moore and Robert Meachem, NO
If you didn't pick them up last week, you might still have chance after nice performances by each this week.


Anonymous said...

Breaston has been the Cards' #3 WR all year and has been catching passes there all year. He's the much better pickup than Urban who got his first catches of the season last week. The Birds throw mostly to their 1+2 WRs because they don't run a lot of 3/4 WR sets. Last week was an exception because they got behind so fast.

brian said...

That's what I figured about Urban. Get down 35 points and all types of people you never heard of start catching balls.