Monday, October 20, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football 2008 - Week 7

TO Alert Level - Remains at Elevated

Willis McGahee - alot of people had you on the bench this week. 105yds and a TD could have helped many in their games. But you've been so inconsistent no one can trust you.

Steven Jackson - welcome to the world! Watching reports of a quad injury during this week, but this is the performance fantasy football owners were looking for.

Kyle Orton looks to be for real. Like the way he is managing the game and throwing downfield. But if you had either the Bears or Vikings DEF/ST yesterday, you might have gotten no points for the yardage and points given up. If you score INTs, defensive touchdowns and sacks you may have come out with positive points. Look for information on the Devin Hester injury.

Peyton Manning what happened? You and Marvin and Reggie looked great last week and then throw up a dud. And then to have two passes picked and returned for touchdowns. Could have been an abberation. But the Colts are now officially fighting for their playoff lives.

I'm not worried about Drew Brees and the Saints offense. Jeremy Shockey is saying the Saints may have rushed him back too soon. Well, did we expect but an injury or injuries this year from Shockey?

Love the Titans DEF/ST, hate their offense. You would think Kerry Collins would have been better than Vince Young but they are about the same. Collins' stat line yesterday was 11-18 for 123. Game manager to the extreme.

I'll keep saying it until something happens: When is Darren Sproles going to get more touches. Only 2 yesterday while LT2 ran 14 times for 41 yards. Chargers need s spark and Sproles could be the guy but like I said before: They don't want to hurt LT2's feelings.

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