Monday, September 8, 2008

Random Thoughts on Fantasy Football 2008 - WEEK 1

Dante Rosario???

Ouch Tom Brady! Is Matt Cassell you reincarnated circa 2001? We're about to find out... This is going hurt all those folks who picked Randy Moss in the first round.

Hey, Matt Ryan! Thank Burner Turner for making you relevant. And Jerious Norwood, how many touches will you get next week?

Alot of people shied away from McNabb because he was without his two "top" WRs. No matter! Donovan throws it over the field. If you need a WR, which Eagle do you pick up?

Peyton Manning looked all out of sorts. Jeff Saturday, get well soon. He said he was fine in the post game press conference, but something isn't completely right. He never rides the bike during a game - had to keep the knee loose.

Dante Rosario???

I mentioned Joseph Addai was seemingly always dinged up. He took a hit that required the Colts to burn a timeout. Yo Joe, man up son!

Matt Forte...please make us all forget the abomination that was Cedric Benson.

Tony Romo, TO, Marion Barber and now Felix Jones. Dallas trying to redeem themselves from last year's playoff loss.

Braylon Edwards, you got to stop dropping all those passes. You left alot of fantasy points on the field.

Dante Rosario???

More after tonight's games....