Saturday, August 2, 2008

WR Updates - Lil' Stevie and J Walk

Lil Stevie gets two Sundays off at the beginning of the season after clocking his teammate in the face last week at practice. This knocks him down and boosts Mushin Muhammed in your drafts.

Then reports are Javon Walker wanted to retire after struggling in practice until the Raiders talked him out of it. WTF!?!? Talked him out of it? This is going to end badly for Javon Walker. After having his teammate Darrent Williams die in his arms last year, and getting stomped out and robbed in Vegas a few weeks back, you felt like he would not be all there. Those feelings were correct. Javon has no heart for the game. How the Raiders signed him to a big contract this offseason with his injury history is shocking to me.

Ronald Curry, you are looking better and better. Or maybe not...

  • You are way past the 3rd Year WR Breakout Year point - This is your 6th year in the league
  • Never more than 6 touchdowns in a season
  • Raiders like to run the ball

I would not even draft J. Walker and target Ronald Curry as my weak #2, strong #3 WR. Is JaMarcus Russell going to be able to get him the ball in his first full season as an NFL QB. History is not on his side.