Friday, August 1, 2008

Why Talking Fantasy Football?

I realized I had a problem when in May of this year, I started thinking about Fantasy Football...

I started thinking about which leagues I would join...Could I get the number 1 pick again...Could LT stay healthy...could Adrian Peterson (from MIN, not CHI) stay healthy...what about Bulger, McNabb, Deuce...can Brady do it again...could Chris Henry stay out of trouble...who's this year's rookie version of Marques Colston...all the questions, no answers.

So this blog is about the questions that run thru my head during the course of an NFL season and the accompanying Fantasy Football season. Questions, I'm sure you have too, maybe no one to talk about them with, certainly not to talk about with someone in your league(s), who might use the info against you.

Read, post, get some ideas and hopefully win your league...unless you're in one of my leagues, in which case, never look here again!