Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What Is Your Drafting Strategy?

That is the REAL question, in a year when more teams are going RBBC - Running Back By Committee - the two stud running backs in the first two rounds may not be the ideal. So what do you on draft day?

Most would agree the first 5 picks of the draft in a standard or PPR scoring league are pretty straightforward...

LaDainian Tomlinson
Adrian Peterson
Brian Westbrook
Steven Jackson
Joseph Addai

Then spot 6 - what do you do?

Tom Brady, Randy Moss, Marion Barber, Clinton Portis, Frank Gore - these are all names I've seen in the 6-7-8-9 spots in the first round.

Decisions, decisions....

First make sure you know your league rules. PPR, Non PPR, 6 or4 or 3 point per touchdown pass, etc, etc.

Use resources like Fantasy Football Mastermind. Wherever you can get great research, use it to formulate a strategy on who to take. With that don't get locked in on a particular player. Have a group of 3-4 you would have taken at that point in the draft in case the person right before you takes your guy.

Find mock drafts online and USE them. They are helpful in getting you comfortable when you see a certain player taken and knowing who your next best option is. I was never a fan of mock drafts until recently and found myself using them, taking an odd player and then seeing what everyone else (or the computer picker) would do.

Feel out the other owners in your league. You keep your mouth shut, but let others talk. Is someone hot for one particular player(s)? Make mental notes.

But even the best laid plans can be laid to the wayside by injuries, injuries to other players on your fantasy player's real NFL team, subpar performances, arrests, suspensions. You never can tell. But if you do a little study and keep your wits about you, you can put yourself in the best position to win.