Friday, August 1, 2008

Marvin and Reggie - Happy Together?

I'm watching the NFL Network and the news scroll says that Marvin Harrison will not play in this weekend's Hall of Fame game. At first I am concerned but not really, only because there is a whole list of Colts not playing in the game. Harrison is getting on the older side of old for WRs and it would be nice to see him run some routes, make cuts at full speed and take some hits from DBs after his surgey. We'll have plenty of pre-season games to micro analyze how he runs, cuts, walks, gulps his Gatorade and adjust his cup...

If nothing else, his absence last year solidified Reggie Wayne's status as not only the top receiver on the Colts, but one of the top 3 in the league with Randy Moss and TO.

Reggie is generally going as the third wide receiver taken in fantasy football drafts but I might have to disagree. Look at the schedule WKS 14,15,16 for 2008.

14: HOME vs CIN
15: HOME vs DET
16: AWAY vs JAC

14: AWAY vs SEA
15: AWAY vs OAK
16: HOME vs ARI

14: AWAY vs PIT
15: HOME vs NYG
16: HOME vs BAL

Hear me out - I'm making a couple of assumptions

AFC South will be rough and tumble and the Colts will not run away from the division
AFC East will be cakewalk for Patriots
NFC East will be tough for all teams

this means...

Colts will be playing meaningful games in December at home in a DOME WK 14, 15 with all starters in fantasy playoffs and in Florida for WK 16

Cowboys will play WK 15, 16 of fantasy playoffs at home out of the cold of the Northeast

Patriots will be firmly in control of the AFC East and maybe playing for home field but will not be perfect and will rest key players.

Therefore I would take
TO then
Reggie then

I might even bump Reggie up to number 1 because he plays in a dome. Less chance of weather affecting his fantasy numbers.

It will be interesting to see the dynamic as the season plays out if it is really apparent that Peyton Manning is overlooking Marvin to find Reggie. Peyton will throw to whoever is open, but Reggie is his man now. Can Marvin gracefully take a backseat?